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Cesar E. Chavez Campus – San Diego Continuing Education

The Cesar E. Chavez Campus of San Diego Continuing Education offers a range of Healthcare Careers certificate programs designed to equip students with essential knowledge for entry-level positions in the healthcare profession. The programs provide hands-on learning and instruction from top-rated instructors. Among the available career training certificates are options like Personal Care Assistant/Caregiver, Nursing Assistant, Home Health Aide, Behavioral Health Aide, and Health Unit Coordinator.

Brian Yamase, a former student, highlights the effectiveness of the Acute Care Nursing Assistant certificate, emphasizing the conducive lectures that prepared him for hospital work. The success story underscores the program’s impact on career advancement, as evidenced by Yamase’s employment at Sharp Healthcare and subsequent transition to Miramar College.

The Personal Care Assistant/Caregiver program, spanning 230 hours over 10 weeks, prepares students for roles in healthcare. It involves completing two courses, Healthcare Careers (HLTH 609) and Personal and Home Care Aide (HLTH 610). The Nursing Assistant program, totaling 394 hours over 16 weeks, trains students in patient care and readies them for the Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) examination, a crucial step toward certification by the State of California.

For those interested in more specialized roles, the campus offers programs such as Nursing Assistant (Rehabilitative), Nursing Assistant (Acute Care), Home Health Aide, Behavioral Health Aide, and Health Unit Coordinator. Each program has its own set of hours and weeks, catering to various needs and career aspirations. Notably, the Nursing Assistant (Acute Care) program expands CNA skills for acute care settings, while the Home Health Aide program provides additional training for C.N.A.s looking to work in patients’ homes.

The Behavioral Health Aide program, spanning 405 hours over 15 to 21 weeks, caters to Certified Nurse Assistants and Personal Care Assistants, offering training to assist patients with behavioral and mental health issues. Additionally, the Health Unit Coordinator program, covering 275 hours, focuses on non-clinical coordination responsibilities related to patient care.

The program schedules are well-structured, offering flexibility to accommodate diverse student needs. Each program requires the completion of specific courses, ensuring a comprehensive and targeted approach to skill development. The campus’s commitment to student success and community enrichment is evident in its mission statement, emphasizing accessible, equitable, and innovative quality education.

In conclusion, the CNA training programs at Cesar E. Chavez Campus provide a diverse range of options, accommodating different career paths within the healthcare profession. The success stories of former students like Brian Yamase attest to the effectiveness of the programs in facilitating career growth in the healthcare industry.

Program InformationDetails
CostTuition Free
Program Duration394 hours in 16 weeks
Class SchedulesPlease visit the following link for details:
PrerequisitesStudents will be fingerprinted by Live Scan on the first day of class Mandatory orientation is required prior to enrollment (2 ½ hours) Job Training/Certificate Program is free; however, there are expenses of approximately $400 for books, uniform/shoes, a CPR card, physical exam, TB exam, immunizations, and state certification exam. Students are responsible for transportation to and from off-campus clinical locations
Certification EligibilityYes, upon completing the relevant program requirements
Location1901 Main St, San Diego, CA 92113
Email[email protected]
Job PlacementNo
Online ClassesNo
Free ClassesYes, tuition-free accessible education