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Escondido Adult School’s Certified Nurse Assistant Program

Escondido Adult School, located at 220 W. Crest St., Escondido, CA, offers a Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) course designed to provide foundational training for individuals aiming to become certified nursing assistants. A core feature of the program is its online and in-person instructional format, catering to students seeking flexibility and practical experience.

Course Structure and Content

The curriculum is divided into 17 modules, covering a wide range of topics. These include basic nursing skills, medical terminology, anatomy and physiology, patient rights, emergency procedures, long-term care, rehabilitative nursing, ethics, health, and safety. This breadth ensures a well-rounded education, preparing students for various aspects of nursing assistance.

Certification and Competency

A notable aspect of the program is its alignment with the requirements for the California State Board Certified Nurse Assistant examinations. Upon successful completion, students not only receive a certificate of completion and a list of competencies but also qualify to take the state’s written and clinical examinations. This is a crucial step for those looking to officially enter the field as CNAs.

Tuition and Additional Requirements

The program fee is set at $1,595, with additional costs for books and equipment detailed in the school’s catalog and registration page. An essential requirement for students is access to appropriate technology, including a computer or laptop with webcam, Wi-Fi, and the ability to run various operating systems and web-based software applications.

Academic Standards and Instruction Format

Students are expected to demonstrate at least 80% competency in all program modules. The course is structured to offer theory instruction online, providing flexibility for students. The clinical portion is conducted in-person at Redwood Terrace, a skilled nursing facility in Escondido, offering hands-on experience in a real-world setting. The course duration is 199 hours spread over 10 weeks.

Enrollment Process and Contact Information

Interested individuals must attend a mandatory orientation before the first class, with details available on the class registration page. The school requires a high school diploma or equivalent for enrollment in certain medical classes. For more information on class schedules or financial assistance, the school provides contacts such as Transitions Coordinator, Oscar Lopez. Further details and updates can be found on Escondido Adult School’s website and online registration page.

Program InformationDetails
Cost$1595 (additional fees for books and equipment)
Program Duration199 hours for a total of 10 weeks
Class SchedulesCheck the latest catalog for updated schedules
PrerequisitesHigh School Diploma or Equivalent
Certification EligibilityYes
Location220 W. Crest St., Escondido, CA 92025
Phone(760) 737-8000
Email[email protected]
Job PlacementNo
Online Classes?Yes
Free Classes?No