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San Diego College of Continuing Education

San Diego College of Continuing Education offers a Nurse Assistant Training Program (NATP) lasting 8 to 16 weeks. This program encompasses 250-330 hours of training, designed to equip students with the skills to provide care for those unable to care for themselves. The curriculum includes hands-on skills practice and online lectures covering various aspects of patient care.

Online Learning and Curriculum Content

A significant portion of the program is conducted online, utilizing Canvas and Zoom for lecture classes. Students must have access to a computer capable of running these platforms. The curriculum covers a range of topics, including professionalism and ethics, patient rights, rehabilitative care, emergency procedures, resident care skills, and more. The program prepares students to take the state Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) examination.

Eligibility and Certification Process

Applicants must undergo Live Scan fingerprinting on the first day and meet certain health requirements. The California Department of Public Health (CDPH) reviews the Live Scan results to determine eligibility for continuing in the program. Successful completion of the course allows students to apply for the state CNA examination, requiring legal U.S. identification and a social security number.

Entrance Requirements and Costs

Mandatory orientation and a basic assessment are prerequisites for enrollment. The program offers pathways for healthcare careers beyond Nursing Assistant training. Students need to complete physical, TB clearance, and immunization forms. While the program itself is tuition-free, students incur costs around $400 for books, uniforms, CPR certification, and state exam fees.

Clinical Experience and Background Checks

Students participate in clinical rotations at various sites in San Diego County, requiring a criminal background check and Live Scan clearance by the CDPH. The program covers the cost of these checks.

Program Performance and Additional Costs

The program boasts high pass rates for both the course and the State Certification Exam in recent years. Estimated total costs range from $574-$905, covering health clearances, textbooks, workbooks, parking, CPR certification, uniforms, and other supplies.

Student Learning Outcomes

Upon completion, students are expected to demonstrate competent skills for an entry-level healthcare career, critically evaluate and apply information, transition to other health care programs or employment in healthcare, and work effectively in a diverse environment while maintaining professional growth and responsibility.


San Diego College of Continuing Education’s NATP provides thorough and flexible training for aspiring nursing assistants. The combination of online learning and practical clinical experience, along with comprehensive support and guidance, makes it a strong choice for those seeking a career in nursing assistance.

Program InformationDetails
CostFree tuition, However $574 – $905 in estimated various expenses
Program Duration8 to 16 weeks, 250-330 hours
Class SchedulesVariable, online using Canvas and Zoom
PrerequisitesMandatory orientation, basic assessment, health requirements
Certification EligibilityYes, after completion of the program
Location4343 Ocean View Boulevard, San Diego, CA 92113-1915
WebsiteSDCE Nurse Assistant Program
Job PlacementNo
Online Classes?Yes
Free Classes?No (Program is tuition-free but has other associated costs)